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Maintaining hundreds of patient documents & schedules while attending care of patients’ needs is a serious job to do. A single typo when filling a document could be fatal. A missed schedule of medication could be disastrous.

Using the latest digital mobile version which incorporates the highest security standard in today’s technology, BitHealth implements Inpatient Nurse digital application and workflow as part of Inpatient electronic medical record (EMR) in Bahasa for a Hospital client to help these nurses serve their patients better.

“Digitalizing our nursing operation is the first step of transforming our entire InPatient Department. We see significant improvement to our nurses way of working to be more effective” – client CIO

The application provides nurses with a convenient, easy to use digital form-based workflow, a simple yet powerful patient schedules management including automatic reminder, an instant access to patient details information and many more.


The application receives positive engagements and is currently in progress to rollout to more than 5,000 nurses across Indonesia.


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