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The problem of health workers is often a scourge in itself in building a strong foundation in the world of health. The quality of human resources is not evenly distributed, the allocation of tasks that often overlaps, the limitations of the tools that carry out performance, the management of training that is not appropriate to the problem of wages that often cause a lot of criticism for the company and give birth to work demotivation

Ensure that companies and individuals who have been employed as employees in an institution must be able to synergize well for mutual progress that is mutually beneficial and together in building a positive image. This of course requires structured management and can be executed properly through careful planning.

Departing from this, BitHealth moved to develop an innovation and provide solutions to continue to carry out various major developments on a regular basis. This year, the HCMS system is one of the leading solutions to be developed in order to create a better and more qualified World Health ecosystem. This system has become the company’s thinking because big or small a company, employees will remain one of the assets that must be managed properly and appropriately in order to make a positive contribution to the company and the wider audience.

Human Capital Management System (HCMS) itself is a system or software that can assist the Personnel Division in managing employee information data in a more organized manner so that it is more easily accessible. This is because not all employees in the company have the same performance and competence. Therefore, HCMS is needed so that companies can develop employees effectively, so that the economic value generated by employees can increase even more.

HCMS or better known as Human Resource Management System is here to meet increasing needs in one package. HCMS itself can perform all HRIS functions, including work management orientation, position control, support succession and salary planning, to managing Global HR and Analysis.

BitHealth’s main goal in developing this system is to best manage talent management owned by the company through various features such as Successor Management measurements to get the best candidates and potential management, employee reach management features to see how influential and important an employee is for a company. and determine the Employee Competency List in order to see the level and achievement that must be achieved by the employee. Regarding the Employee Competency List, medical practitioners are currently very much needed because this field is moving to follow the standardization of the curriculum they have. HCMS also has an Individual Development Planning feature so that each employee can manage their performance in one year and in line with company goals.

In fact, HCMS has the main goal of increasing the competency standards of every employee who joins. How they can work with direction to develop the skills they have. Through HCMS, there are many positive benefits from developing this system, especially in the upstream process in order to create a better overall process and end result, both for the company and also for the individuals involved.

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