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There are many reasons why a digital innovation is developed, one of those is to support the company’s business progress. However, sometimes companies forget that managing human resources is equally important. From the quality and good management of human resources, it will be a strong foundation for the company to grow bigger in the future.

BitHealth recognizes the importance of this. That is the reason why BitHealth developed the HCMS program to support the performance of the personnel division, to produce superior seeds for the company in the future. What we need to realize, the character and potential of each individual will certainly be different from one another. For this reason, the management and maintenance cannot simply be generalized.

Human Capital Management System (HCMS) is a system or software that can assist the Personnel Division in managing employee information data in a more organized manner so that it is more easily accessible. This is because not all employees in the company have the same performance and competence. Therefore, HCMS is needed for companies to develop employees effectively. So that the economic value generated by employees will increase.

Some of the reasons behind BitHealth’s initiative in developing this application is for making clear standards and measurements of the company. This is necessary to avoid bias, provide career certainty for employees, reduce unintegrated data process, more efficiency in measuring employee performance, crate directed clear structured of management, increase the potential soft skills and hard skills possessed by individuals, also to play a role in reducing excessive paper use which more or less affects the corporate cost.

Through the various features offered, HCMS has features that can embrace various needs in one application. The first one is Successor Management feature. This feature helps the personnel division to find the best candidate to fill a position through references needed by the company. HCMS will automatically help assess the objectives of all candidates and provide suggestions to assess credible candidates to fill the required positions. It will certainly assist the personnel division in editing the most relevant and qualified candidates, who will be responsible in the future in carrying out the desired tasks.

The next feature is theList of Competency. This feature can help companies see the levels and achievements that must be achieved by employees, where this feature will help define and bridge the hard skills needed by the company and the soft skills possessed by these employees through clear benchmarks. Of Course it will avoid bias and subjectivity in assessing and advancing in rank, because there are certain levels that must be achieved first to be able to reach the next level. This feature can bridge between what is needed by the company and the company can understand the other side of the employee such as talents and interests of the employees themselves so that talent management will be more effectively targeted.

Another feature is Employee Reach Management, which is for how influential and important an employee is for the company. Companies can see overall and detailed achievements and provide appropriate feedback. It can help to see which employees are important to retain and can be as a major asset for the company.

The next feature is a feature that employees will certainly be interested in. It is Bonus and Measurement Achievement. This feature will focus on the results of the parameters that have been set. Often the determination of bonuses is assessed manually based on the assessment of superiors only. HCMS helps to reduce bias by providing transparency and providing valid evidence of the performance that the employee has done and presenting how the appropriate form of appreciation can be accounted for.

The Individual Development Planning feature is also the main thing to grab the attention in building this system. Often what the company proposes differs from the interests desired by the employees themselves. This feature can provide a middle ground for shared interests and needs to be achieved. The company may recommend a position for a particular individual, but it turns out that the development interest and passion of the individual is in other fields. With a good correlation and the right placement, it can increase the work motivation and qualified achievement, because not only are these employees potential in their fields, but they have a high passion and interest in their scope of work.

Through this feature, employees can also set their own plans for one year based on the Terms of Reference that have been proposed by the company since the beginning of joining. It can provide a clear bureaucracy as well as avoid overlapping work. Later, the entire process will be recorded and integrated into all menus and will be displayed in one dashboard and report display that includes various required chart views. Data integration is now very much needed so that performance becomes more effective and efficient and being more concise in reducing unnecessary paper usage.

If you are asking about the differences between BitHealth’s HCMS Products and other products in general, the difference lies in their focus which has clear parameters and standardization in the realm of Health. When talking about individuals who work in the Health Industry, of course they have standardizations that are not only within the scope of their work and the achievements that the company wants. However, there are also standardizations that have been professionally defined and set by the Ministry of Health as a module, so that some required formats cannot be made randomly. This standard format is owned by BitHealth as an assessment to develop the talents of employees, especially in the Medical Industry.

This system itself will be managed and become the full responsibility of the personnel department, but provides high transparency because it can also be managed and accessed by individuals. One of them is a system for filling out training applications needed to improve skills from the assessment suggestions provided.

Of course, the main purpose of this product is to be able to optimize the performance of Hospital Human Capital to compete with the sophistication of the times through solutions and transparency, so that companies and individuals can work in harmony in strengthening the existence that has been built in the future. This system is focused on managing human resources optimally in order to create mutually beneficial comfort for both parties, both in terms of performance, targets to be achieved and to give proper appreciation.

It is hoped that this system can cover the end to end process as well as possible and present a more concise and efficient process without having to waste a lot of time in conducting assessments and looking for the best results to achieve maximum results.

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