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Technology is a science that studies the skills to develop and create modern tools, processing methods, and object extraction, to simplify and help solve the problems of human work in everyday life. In this era of technological sophistication, it has developed very rapidly from time to time. 

Scientists continue to build and try to develop innovations in technology. Information technology developing today has reached various fields of life, including the health sector. Currently, they design new technologies to facilitate the work of humans on this earth. Information technology applied correctly can support the management process’s effectiveness and efficiency.

The use of information technology itself in the health sector started a long time ago, in 1969 in America. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is one of the institutions that initiates the use of information technology for research in the health sector.

The application of Information Technology in Indonesia has benefited in various fields. Information technology is used in various sectors, including hospital administration, hospital patient queues, inpatient management, etc. One area that utilizes this technology is a company in the Hospital/Clinic field. This has prompted several information technology developers to develop existing processes in the company to use information technology.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a system that contains a patient’s medical and disease history, diagnostic test results, other medical data, and information on treatment costs. EMR will improve health services by service providers in patient care.

As a patient, you can experience full service with a system that makes it easier for patients to process administration and simple patient queues. With this system, patients think about the efficacy of time during hospitalization.That way, patients can provide recommendations to people regarding quality hospital services.

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