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In welcoming National Doctor’s Day, BitHealth participated in supporting the XV PERSI AND INA HOSPITAL FAIR II CONGRESS activities organized by the Indonesian Hospital Association (PERSI) with the theme “Hospital Resilience and Opportunities in accelerating the recovery of the Indonesian Health System in the era of the Covid-19 Pandemic”.

During the event, digital transformation became a popular discussed topic and became a common goal of the healthcare industry ecosystem in the future. Technology is considered to be a big bridge to carry out a positive transformation that can provide positive benefits from upstream to downstream in the Health industry, especially in hospital management.

Various terms and products were presented as a breakthrough in building a better world of Health such as Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Apps, Covid developments in Indonesia for one year, Vaccination developments, EMR implementation, Hospital Supply Change Management, Hospital Accreditation Policies, Best Practice Standardization in Hospital and many more.

Of course, PERSI’s aspiration for the advancement of hospitals in Indonesia will not stop here. There are so many agendas that will be carried out to welcome the year 2022. PERSI realizes collaboration is the ideal main step in building a positive experience for patients in hospitals, that change cannot be done alone in a short way.

What are PERSI’s plans and hopes in educating health industry players so that they can work together to improve the quality of health for now and in the future? Especially for Hospital Institutions in facing the current “new normal” era?

Watch more in the video below :

PERSI in Supporting Digital Transformation in Indonesia

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