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The sudden of pandemic in Indonesia has made all of people feel unprepared both mentally, physically and economically- especially for medic and professional who carried the heaviest burden in handling the risk of the situation to not being infected by the virus.

The pandemic has given a lot of new perspectives and routines about our daily life and pushed us to make a quick adaptation and extra carefully to live our life. The struggle against this virus requires us to spend a lot of time and do activities at “Home” for our common good.

But the fact of all the“from home” warnings, there are too many phenomena that happened in our society. One of those is the amount of birth exploration caused by various aspects.

It is a bit ironic because currently all parties are advised to avoid the hospital if you don’t have something urgent. However, pregnancy check-ups require us to do the routine checkup face – to face.

Currently, We heard the news about the case of the increase of pregnant women who are infected by the corona virus.
Pregnant women become more susceptible to contracting the viruses which is very dangerous for them and the fetus. They need to be more aware of the condition and situation to have the very prime stamina until the time comes.

How’s the mother maintain their stamina and baby to be not infected by the Covid-19 ?
Are there any different methods used by Obgyn Doctors to handle the situation to be more saved and conducive for both parties?

Let’s hear the younger generation to speak!

The Explosion of Birth Rate and How Technology Can Control the Situation

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