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In the fast-paced instant digital era, many industry players in various lines have to transform into the digital realm in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of company performance. People want something easier and connected with many parties without having to waste a lot of time and energy. Big innovation also happened in the healthcare industry.

As we already know, it has been a year since the Indonesian people have been fighting against Covid 19. Since from the past year, many people have been discharged from the hospital with various problems. It is not uncommon for hospitals to be overwhelmed with the number of existing patients. On the one hand, hospitals must also struggle to maintain health protocols both for patients and for all staff.

The high issue surrounding to the health issues is still the main topic to be discussed. This certainly opens up a lot of new views and treatments that can be done at home. Has this pandemic spawned new views and innovations for hospitals in Indonesia?

Dr. Noor Arida Sofiana, MBA – Vice Chairman of the Association of Private Hospitals in Indonesia shares her perspective on digitalization and the future of healthcare in Indonesia.

Reinventing Healthcare: Evolution or Revolution

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