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In the middle of the year when the pandemic was entering its highest phase in Indonesia, BitHealth, the first digital health solution provider in Indonesia, which focuses on specialization in technology and digital health, took the initiative to see the perspectives and solutions of business people in the Health industry in defending to fight against the covid virus. – 19. Changes in behavior patterns require Health industry players to immediately transform into the digital realm in order to reach patients more broadly and provide more optimal treatment. Digital transformation is important today’s for the business environment, because of the demands of the times and conditions that require us not to stay in crowds and reduce the intensity of direct contact.

Not alone, BitHealth collaborates with one of the well-known survey institutions, Markplus which is proven to have a lot of competence and experience in the world of research, to see what changes have been made by Health sectors in providing qualified services, in the midst of a situation full of uncertainty, panic caution and even fear circulating in the community.

This research was carried out on various Hospital Chains consisting of private hospitals, government hospitals, hospital associations, to the Ministry of Health. Various interesting information has also been collected which can be used as a reference and a new perspective for the world of Health in the future.

From the behavioral changes that occur in society, there are several potential technologies that can be developed in the Health industry, including Data Driven Technology, Contextual Technology, Augmented Technology and Agile Technology. There is a recommendation to keep a distance but on the one hand it is necessary to be able to connect with many parties and carry out mass mobilization and prohibition to be in crowded conditions which makes this technology have the potential to develop in the future.

When it comes to obstacles, there are several problems that scourge why hospitals in Indonesia are slow to be motivated to innovate, including the unequal wifi network, problems of confidentiality and unwillingness to depend, long training times, large costs, and the gap between seniors and juniors.

The majority of the biggest problems are financial, about the amount of initial capital issued. but on the one hand, the hospital also knows that the large capital will be in line with the company’s long-term profits. Often there are many prolonged dilemmas to make a big change. It requires thorough research, long experiments and in-depth analysis. The parties also realize that an innovation is believed to be managed from various directions, both top down (concern management) which is the main key to innovation and bottom up which depends on team skills.

This research also provides various inputs on what is needed by the hospital chain to be able to transform properly to become a joint debriefing. Some of them are how a service is expected to provide complete data that is easily accessible online and is kept secure. Management also needs to carry out regular socialization and the system must be easy to use and can be integrated with what has been there before. There needs to be a good relationship that continues to be worked on in monitoring the course of an innovation, both in terms of hospital management as well as related vendors, so that communication does not break in the middle of the road and quickly gets a solution if a problem occurs.

The survey results also say that there needs to be strong regulations and fully supported by the government so that they can continue to develop and be safe to use. The system must also be guaranteed security and officially accredited. It is also hoped that electronic medical records can be stored by patients so they can be easily carried when moving between hospitals. Hospitals can also have data stored on vendor servers when there is a managed service agreement.

Health industry players can actually experience various benefits if they are committed to transforming into the digital realm. That’s why BitHealth is here to be able to contribute in providing innovative solutions for better Health services.

Of course, in innovating we cannot do it alone. There needs to be a good synergy from all levels to create a positive impact for the development of the Health industry and contribute to improving the welfare of the Indonesian people for the better in the future.

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